Our Services

Commercial Gardening

Mow, hedge, weed, snip, prune and fertilise using safe organic materials - its all included in our gardening service. We will leave your garden looking completely refreshed.


Residential Mowing

We cut all size lawns from small townhouse lawns to large acreage lawns. We take care to ensure the cut is right for your grass type which will create a healthy vibrant looking lawn.


Clear away

If you don't have a recycling bin or composter we can clear away all of the green waste from our gardening service.  Enjoy the feeling of pulling up in your driveway and seeing the pristinely manicured lawns and edges with nothing left to clean up afterwards.

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Commercial Mowing

Utilising the amazing Mean Green Mower, (powered by lithium battery) the CXR ZTR (Zero Turn), we can cut your lawn or park with no CO2, no petrol or oil spills and a noise level so low it wouldn't even wake your Nanna!! And when the grass is cut we can even blow the grass off the driveway quietly and quickly.

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We can make your lawn look amazing with professional edging that creates clean sharp lines and can also help maintain the health of your lawn.

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Hedge Cutting


Gutter and Roof Surveys

Damaged roofs and blocked gutters can result in massive hidden costs to your home that can quickly and easily be avoided. Using state of the art licensed drone services we can video and photograph your gutters and roof to quickly help you identify those blockages and damage.