Domestic Gardening


Here at Got to go Green, we care about the environment.  To help make a contribution to preserving our beautiful planet, we only use battery operated equipment. This includes our awesome Mean Green Ride-On Mower Mower for your bigger block that goes all day on one charge and helps us guarantee a beautifully presented property with minimal environmental impact.


Mowing and Edging

We cut all size lawns from small townhouse lawns to large acreage lawns. We take care to ensure the cut is right for your grass type which will create a healthy vibrant looking lawn. We can also make your lawn look amazing with professional edging that creates clean sharp lines and can also help maintain the health of your lawn.


Hedge Trimming and Pruning

Our hedge trimmers can handle big and small hedges on all angles - giving them a clean short back and sides look.

Our extendable pruning tool lets us tackle extra tall trees and even those annoying hard to reach palm fronds

See the Hedge trimmer in action - click here


Blow and clearaway

When all the grass is cut we blow away any light cuttings left on the drive or footpath and if you don't have a recycling bin or composter we can clear away all of the green waste from our gardening service.  Enjoy the feeling of pulling up in your driveway and seeing the pristinely manicured lawns and edges with nothing left to clean up afterwards.

Green Bins.jpg