We promise to always do our best to meet or exceed your expectations of a job well done. We will always work with tools and products that have no negative impact on you, your garden or our planet. We will always quote or advise you if there are any changes to the price agreed for our work and aim to deliver the best value in the market. 

About the founder

brendan Tuck

I can remember our first lawnmower and how excited I was when my Dad let me have a go pushing it around our yard. I loved to look back and see how lovely the grass looked after being freshly cut. 

Many years on from that young boy, one of my dreams has come true to build and own my own gardening and property maintenance business. 

For thirty years I worked for the same company, growing up through that business and taking on many roles. I know to be successful in life you need to be able to commit to relationships, to be consistent with work effort, to be honest and be loyal. These qualities are what I hold to be true to ensure we provide quality service for our customers at Got To Go Green.

At Got To Go Green we value family and family time above all else. Every day we welcome the opportunity to professionally maintain your property, your garden or both so that you and your family can relax and truly enjoy the time you spend together.



The Gottogogreen guy arrived on time and the booking process was seamless. He did a fantastic job and the equipment was so quiet I didn’t even realise he was finished until he knocked on the door. Excellent.
— John T
What a breath of fresh air - getting my gardening done with no fumes and no noise - brilliant.
— Steve W
I really care about whats happening to the environment so using Got to go Green with all their battery powered equipment really makes me feel like I’m playing my part in making a difference.
— Helen G
When Brendan mowed my lawns, he was very thorough and professional and I would be more than happy to recommend him to my friends and family.
— Amber M

Plant a Tree2.JPG

Plant a tree with Us


We are committed to a simple value  - do our bit.

We ask you to join us and do the same by making a simple decision - choose to  use our services.

When you contract* us to look after your lawns and gardens we will be planting a minimum of three trees on your behalf with the Carbon Neutral Plant- a-Tree PROGRAM. This will deliver two very valuable results. It will create a natural carbon offset and help secure endangered plants, animals and ecosystems around Australia.







* Minimum 12 months, 3 trees on a standard domestic contract and 10 trees on a standard Commercial Contract