Here at Got to go Green, we care about the environment.  To help make a contribution to preserving our beautiful planet, we only use battery operated equipment including our awesome Mean Green Mower that goes all day on one charge and helps us guarantee a beautifully presented property with minimal environmental impact.


Zero to Hero.

More about air and noise pollution.

*According to an EPA study, one 3hp petrol lawn mower emits the same air pollution as 11 cars driving at 88kms per hr.  Each additional HP is calculated with a linear use equation.

*Each 1 HP from a petrol lawn mower = 3.67 CARS AT 88 Kms Per Hr EMISSIONS

The loudest our mowers will get is 80 db, where petrol mowers are 95-100 db.  For every 6db difference in sound, noise doubles.  So, our 80db mower is less than half the noise of a 86db mower.

 A totally green solution

Got To Go Green brings you the natural evolution in commercial and domestic mowing services. Using our awesome Mean Green CX52 Mower you get:

  • No petrol fumes blowing CO2 and other pollutants into your workplace, home or lungs damaging your health and our atmosphere. 

  • No petrol spills* damaging our environment and waterways. 

  • No excessive noise interrupting your day and potentially damaging your hearing. 

 Gas mowers emit hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen (the principle ingredients of smog), particulate matter (damaging to the respiratory system), carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas) and carbon dioxide (contributing to global warming). The health toll includes cancer as well as damage to lungs, heart, and both the immune and detoxification systems. Plus smog inhibits plant growth. EPA

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